Sometimes you need a drink. Or ten.

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mass effect has a highly advanced artificial intelligence who helps take down a terrorist organization by flooding their servers with porn why arent you playing this game

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The official ‘Orlesian Ball’ theme from the Dragon Age: Inquisition soundtrack was released! 

Wow, I really love how subtle and mysterious this song is. It really provokes a posh and aristocratic theme of romantic civility! So perfect!

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That wasn’t war, babe. That was just warm up.

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Holy shit. She did it.

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time to go to war

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Maybe you’re right. Maybe we can’t win this. But we’ll fight you r e g a r d l e s s.

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"Now be brave, and don’t look back."
"I love you, Mom," Anakin said.
She hugged him one final time, then turned him around so he was facing away from her.
"Don’t look back, Annie," she whispered.

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Your Food is Secretly Talking About You Behind Your Back

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